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David Robertson David Robertson, lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist, has been in the music business for 25+ years as both a musician and entrepreneur.

He started playing drums around the age of 6 and began playing professionally in his early teens. Over the years he learned to play bass and rhythm guitars, as well as keyboard. He has led a number of successful bands, but R.U. Redy, which he originally founded in the early 80's has been around the longest. David had to break up the band only after a couple of years because he was having throat problems and had to retire. He used this time to focus on building his sound production company, which he later named 'Shelby D's Music & More' for his daughter and #1 fan, Shelby (AKA the 'real' boss). In the early 90's he was ready to come out of retirement and get back into the business of making his own music.

It took some time to find the right musicians who had the talent, professionalism, and team spirit he was looking for, and who were as dedicated to the music as himself, but he finally found it. The result of his efforts have paid off in the R.U. Redy you see today! The band credits David's leadership and sense of fairness, as well as his energy, enthusiasm, and sense of humor as the reason this team works (and they don't just say that because he writes their paychecks!) He claims that it's because he has such a good time making music and not talent that keeps him on top in this business, but you be the judge.....

KeriKeri Thomas, lead vocalist
Keri credits her parents for instilling a love of all types of music that has stayed with her. Because of their varied musical tastes, she learned to appreciate and find inspiration in virtually every musical genre from classical to heavy metal. She learned to sing harmony from her musical family that would have old-fashioned sing-alongs with various family members playing guitars, piano, fiddle, and harmonica at family gatherings.

Her solo career began and ended at the tender age of 9 when she shyly warbled a virtually inaudible version of 'Silver Bells' at her 4th grade Christmas program. About 9 years later, she joined what was to become the re-formed R.U. Redy Band, where she once again found her niche as a member of an ensemble with her bandmates as her 'second family'. With MUCH practice (and ongoing psychotherapy to conquer her stagefright and recurring nightmares about school Christmas programs), she has developed into a vocalist that can hold her own. But a word to the wise, if her monitor isn't loud enough... beware!

Bruce Rodgers Mr. Bruce Rodgers, lead guitar, vocals

Bruce is an original member of R.U. Redy. He and David started playing music together at 13 years old.

Through the years, Bruce has honed his music style to become one of the most sought after Guitar Player's in west Texas. After many years of success with his own band Little Rock, he returned to R.U. Redy in 2004 adding lead vocals, harmony vocals and solid guitar. Bruce rounds out R.U. Redy's sound.

Caleb LenardCaleb Lenard, Drums, was born in Crescent City, California, and was raised across the continents. He has been playing and creating music since 1994 and has played drums since he was ten. He is currently finishing his undergraduates degree in music education with an emphasis in percussion.
Caleb started out with R. U. Redy with a dislike for country music, but has grown to enjoy it. He also has never had brisket.

KatyKaty Fowler, Sound Technician, but she is to be credited for much more than helping them sound good. Katy has worked for David and Shelby D's since before it was Shelby D's! She has been an intregal part of the band's success not only for her work on the sound board, but also by distributing promotional material and correspondence for the band. She is always the first to start unloading the trailer before a show and the last to quit reloading after the show. Her energy is surpassed only by David's. If she has to crack the whip every now and then to get the rest of the band moving, she will!
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